Al Rudge

Al Rudge

Al is one of the most original and bizarre acts to invade the comedy scene.

Mark Langley

mark langley impressionistMark Langley is a new wave of comedian. His dry humour and uncanny impressions make for a real laugh out loud set. A multi- talented man, Mark can do an all comedy spot or (well-suited to Sportman's Dinners etc) he has an array of characters of which he impersonates to a tee... His impressions range from, Wayne Rooney, to Gary Lineker, to Harry Redknapp, to the Coronation Street cast and many more.

The Boy with tape on his face

The Boy with tape on his faceEvery once in a while, something magical reminds us that we all have an inner child that must be fed.  Through simple, clever and charming humour aimed at satisfying that hunger, The Boy has created one of the most accessible and enjoyable shows the world has ever seen.

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