Brian Sharpe

Comedian Brian Sharpe


Brian Sharpe has been a comedian for over ten years, working in almost any environment from pubs and clubs, up to more recently, theatres and hotels. A fairly laid back approach, he is noted for his quick fire wit wherever necessary, and is suited to almost any situation put in front of him.

Brian Sharpe has a varied application of his talents across the board. He has supported such legends as The Drifters and The Hollies, and is an experienced and amusing after dinner speaker.

He has honed the ability to make people laugh without the need to use bad language. Yet in complete contrast, he is also recognised as one of the finest adult comedians in the country, with his ability to destroy hecklers and hit the staggiest of audiences - hard!

Brian was excellent
He was very chatty with the guests during the Meal and quite clearly assessing the audience
He also asked how far he could go with the jokes and language which I appreciated as I was able to tell him
He even asked about a few of the guys and made the jokes personal which always goes down well
I was a bit worried as he wasn't my first choice and Mark recommended him
That makes you a bit more nervous however He did a fantastic job everyone sat through it and we laughed the whole way through it
He gauged his audience well
Thank you for supporting our event
Ashley Hewitt. Hebden Bridge Golf Club. 14.11.17


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