Billy Flywheel

Billy Flywheel

BILLY FLYWHEEL is a comedy talent not to be missed. Laughs galore are guaranteed from this zany and most original of entertainers with his quick fire jokes, send-ups, impressions and bizarre happenings during his performance.

Billy and his unique show have proved to be a big hit both in the corporate market and on the after-dinner circuit. At Sportsman’s dinners he has appeared with numerous sporting legends such as Bob Champion, John Parrot, Alex Stepney, Barry Fry, Duncan McKenzie and Joey Jones to name but a few.

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He has been Match day comedian and done various corporate events for several Championship and Football League Clubs and is also a popular choice at Golfing dinners and high profile Social, Masonic and Rotary functions and such is his uniqueness; he is often requested to perform at professional people’s family homes and parties i.e. for Lawyers, Surgeons and Managing Directors.

Billy has been a professional Comedy Entertainer for eighteen years and has appeared on National and Satellite television eight times and has won five Comedy awards in five different counties. He has appeared on the prestigious Blackpool Command Show and on the Ultimate Laughter Show alongside such comedy greats as Bernard Manning, Frank Carson, Norman Collier and Johnnie Casson.

Billy who has been acclaimed a comic genius in several publications including the ‘Stage’ newspaper, also possesses a good singing voice and in December 2007 he performed a self written song called ‘You’re my Christmas Baby’ in front of over 23,000 people at Sheffield United Football Club and reached number 11 in the digital download charts.

With over two hours of clean, non offensive, of ‘You name it, he does it! Comedy material, it makes this enigmatic after-dinner comedian the ideal choice for any occasion, be it single or mixed.

Billy Flywheel


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