Barry Mcguigan

Barry Mcguigan, Sports Speaker

Barry McGuigan is undoubtedly one of the most successful and best boxers of his generation. A highly desirable boxing speaker, Barry’s career and sporting experiences allow him to give advice on how to maximise success and achieve peak performance as well as create the drive and determination to stay on top of your game.

At the age of 17, Barry won gold at the 1978 Commonwealth Games and as a professional McGuigan went on to win British, European and World titles. Barry’s most defining moment was an infamous night in June 1985, where he became Featherweight Champion of the World in front of a television audience of twenty million, beating Eusebio Pedroza and participating in the ‘Fight of the Year’.

McGuigan’s likeability meant his bouts soon became family events and bridged the gap across sectarian and religious divisions during Ireland’s troubled past. As an Irishman, Barry fought for the British title with boxing shorts coloured with the United nation’s Flag of Peace. McGuigan’s father often sang Danny Boyrather than an anthem before a fight, making Barry’s entrance into the ring even more emotionally charged. Barry introduces a number of these topics as an after dinner speaker, giving audience members an insight into the period in which he became so popular.

Barry joined forces with film director and Academy Award winner Daniel Day Lewis to produce the Golden Globe nominated movie ‘The Boxer’, which was inspired by his life. Barry personally trained Day Lewis for two years as well as editing and choreographing the production boxing scenes.

In 2009, Barry launched the ‘Barry McGuigan Boxing Academy’ with an aim to combine the skill and discipline needed to become a world champion boxer with an environment that encourages young people to excel in their academic and personal lives.

An engaging and articulate boxing speaker, Barry has a multitude of stories of life at the highest levels of sport as well as advice for anyone looking to focus their efforts and achieve their goals.

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